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December 7th was a busy day on the land.  Google released Google+ Communities to the world.   Based on the comments posted on Google+ the day before, the demand for the communities was extremely high.   Users couldn’t wait to create their own to share with the world.

That was certainly true for genealogy fans.  Membership in the new communities is rapidly growing bringing a wealth of subject matter expertise to focus as they share their knowledge, news, research methods and solutions.

Some communities have already risen to the top of my popularity list.

                                                       Genealogy Tech

google _communities_gentech


Family History Writers



google _communities_familyhistorywriters   google _communities_familysearch



Organize – Genealogy

google _communities_organize_genealogy   google _communities_genealogy


There are thousands of other communities that cover the spectrum from genealogy to preparedness.

If you haven’t joined communities that include your interests, do so.  I’ve found that discussions on Google+ always seem to elicit more interaction with others and the comments tend to be well thought out and useful than on other social sites.

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