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Genealogists researching for the Danish ancestors will delight in the Denmark article on the FamilySearch Wiki.  It is an amazing resource for all of us with Danish ancestors.

The article is full of links to both wiki articles that are full of information, links and tips and links to external sites that have Danish records.



Many of my ancestors lived on Bornholm.  The Bornholm county link took me to the Bornholm article.




The major towns are listed below the county map as links to articles about the respective town.   There aren’t that many towns on Bornholm but the wiki give us research information for each of them.




For example, many of my ancestors lived in Klemensker.  The page is currently under construction but it already provides us with informational links to wiki articles that explain the organization of the Danish church so we can determine where to look for church records and what the titles on them mean.




When I started Danish research, I didn’t know what “Stift” meant. Clicking on the corresponding link in the Klemensker article takes us to the article that explains the meaning of the tem and how to use that knowledge to find records.




I wish the wiki had existed four decades ago when I first started my Danish research.  The answers, informational background and links would have saved me hundreds of hours discovering that information ‘the hard way’.

Give the wiki a visit if you haven’t done so already.  Bookmark it.  It is a genealogy gift to all of us in the genealogy community.

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