FamilySearch Forums Closing ~ 31 Dec 2012

The FamilySearch Forums are going to be shut down on 31 Dec 2012 according tofsforums_logo an announcement at the top of the forums page:

“We are transitioning our Forums into a new question and answer tool. These tools are in testing over the next month. Learn more, or join in the testing of this new tool here.”

Clicking on the Learn more, or join link in that sentence takes you to a posting by Janell Vasquez that points to a Facebook Community article on the FamilySearch Wiki and to the Community on Facebook itself.

The Forums post states:

“Due to user feedback, we are discontinuing these forums as of December 31, 2012, and researching alternate tools that will allow us to better give help in the future. If you utilize these Forums, please continue reading to know how you will be able to get help in the future.”

The loss of the forums will be deeply felt throughout the FamilySearch Community.  We hope that all of the information and comments on the Forums will be retained and moved to the new ‘tools’.   We don’t expect to see them on Facebook.

At present, there are millions of FamilySearch reference cards in circulation that include a link to the Forums in a prominent location on the card.  If you are a FamilySearch volunteer, missionary of Family Search Center volunteer, you’ll want to note the change to anyone who is given the cards.    Hopefully, a new tool that is as versatile as the Forums format will quickly be identified and used instead of Facebook.

The format of forums allows the community to both post comments and receive comments in numerous, easy to find categories.  The history of those interactions is left in place so others with the same or similar questions can read the earlier discussions which in many cases answer their question.  

The current forum postings have been very helpful to FamilySearch users both veteran and new.  We hope the new tool will be as equally helpful and easy to use as the current Forums and that the new tool will NOT be Facebook.

Keep checking back on the forums page to see if a link to the new tool has been announced so you can join in helping test it for the benefit of the community at large.

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