Publishing Genealogy on Issuu

I’m frequently asked about self-publication by fellow genealogists who what to share1b their genealogy research with family and friends but don’t necessarily want their work to be printed as hardcopy.

My answer is simple.  Put their work in a magazine or book format and publish it on   Issuu is a terrific vehicle for digital online publications. 

Many of my friend publish their work on issuu regularly.  The issuu presentation is professional, slick and very attractive.  If the work by the author is good, it will only be enhanced when published and presented using the issuu engine.

I watch the site for publications that involve my own ancestral families and from time-to-time am rewarded as seen in the publication “Thomas Lucas of Plymouth, Massachusetts 1650 – 1678 and his Descendants.

Visit issuu and enjoy the thousands of digital publications that grace its bookshelves.   It will be time well spent.

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