Bertram Merrell’s Index of English Marriages, 1750-1836

As a long time fan of the genealogy projects and training offered at Brigham YoungBertram_Merrell_Index_English_Marriages University (BYU), it should be easy to become jaded by the sheer number of rich offerings housed at the ‘Y”. 

That thought remains valid for as much as two weeks on the long side and then I visit the genealogy related sites hosted by the school and am wowed once again.

Although I’ve known of its existence for a while, I hadn’t visited and searched for marriage records in Bertram Merrell’s Index of English Marriages, 1750 – 1836 until recently. Of course I immediately struck gold.  What else would I expect from the projects at BYU?

Work continues on the project with additional records and resources swelling the already large database.  I f you have ancestors in England, visit the site and see if you too will come away smiling thanks to the work on the Merrell project.

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