Skramstad Family History on Issuu

This past week a friend received an unexpected surprise in the mail in the form of aSkramstad_Family_History well researched and documented family history commissioned years earlier by his uncle. 

The history had been printed a long time ago and the pages showed signs of heavy aging.   It was quickly determined that they should be scanned and saved as a .pdf file. 

One copy of the file was stored in a Google Drive account where it can be shared with other family members.  Another will be available through Drop Box, but my favorite will be the one that is uploaded to like the Skramstad Family History file that we see below.  

If you aren’t familiar with Issuu, visit the the site and explore the online publication there.  I think you too will agree that your work could look great as an Issuu document, worthy of showing at your next family reunion and sharing with family and friends.

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