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More than a decade ago, FamilySearch created a fairly broad selection of research guidelines that covered not only U.S. States, but a fairly broad spectrum of the world.

Genealogists like myself, kept binders filled with the outlines that pertained to the areas we were researching.  They were full of information we’d need to be successful on our quest.  

Even I few were familiar with the location, we’d still refer to the outlines making sure we had touched all the bases in our quest.

Not too long ago, the information in the guidelines was incorporated in to the related articles on the FamilySearch Wiki and printing of the outlines was discontinued.

An article in the FamilySearch Wiki tells us the history of the outlines.




The article provides a link to the Harold B. Lee Library Family History & Genealogy Resources site where digitized copies of the  outlines are still available for folk who still like the format and familiarity of the old outline booklets.




If you are one of us, visit your old friends using the links on the BYU site, but in the process, be sure to stop by the FamilySearch Wiki and explore the significantly more resource rich articles the include the information from the old outlines.  

I’m confident that once you allow yourself the time and effort to look through a few of the wiki articles you’ll quickly recognize their worth and you’ll allow the research outlines to quietly enjoy their retirement.

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