The Big Gaiety Spectacular Extravaganza

Most blog writers will fill their year ending post with recaps of what they have accomplished in the past year and their plans and resolutions for the new year.

I can’t persuade myself that that need exists in my universe.  Instead, I’ll close the year with a vintage poster of Rice & Barton’s show – Big Gaiety Spectacular Extravaganza Company featuring the Gaiety Dancers – all 20 of them .

My parents and ancestors never would have visited a show like this for a variety of reasons but the color and absurdity of the presentation caught my eye in historical wonderment. 

Just as that era has gone by perhaps the ending of 2012 saw the end of an era of predominantly hardcopy research as a large percentage of genealogists received new tablets and ultra-light laptops for Christmas this year and with them, the fully open window into the spectacular genealogical records collections that live in the digital world.


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