Using Genealogica Grafica For Your Site

Seasoned family history researchers were familar with the  genealogy Internet publication  program, KStableau.   It served me well for years on several websites used for collaborative research.    In more recent years, KStableau was replaced with the shareware app, Genealogica Grafica.

You may want to consider it for your own online graphical genealogy site.

Let’s look at the program.



After downloading and installing the application, you’ll need to export a dataset for the records you want to use in Genealogica Grafica in a gedcom file.   Put the file in a new folder and then point ‘Grafica’ to it.

Select File -> Import and import the gedcom you just created.  Now that you have a working file, you can edit your preferences and settings so the data looks just right.

The Genealogica Grafica site lists some of the features you can set    such as the depth of the charts, colors, background images, mapping, visitor counter and many more features.

Once  your pages are created you can upload them to your website.

The pages are presented in interactive graphical format such as seen in this pedigree.  Clicking on any name moves the focus to that person.


Clicking on the Frames Page tab changes the presentation to include the pedigree, name list and information about the selected person


The Tableau view presents the data in the familiar Register format.


The selecting a name in the Pedigree view shows both the ancestors and children of the person in focus.


Mousing over a name on a chart brings up an informational popup that contains the data about that person.


The Text only view includes the person notes and related links that are included in them.  Your direct ancestor(s) are shown with a link if your export file included a switch that shows that relationship.


Mouse over popups are presented for all boxes in your charts.


Your import will probably result in dates and locations that Genealogica doesn’t necessarily like, such as spanning years (1712/13).   Additionally, you’ll need to use the mapping tool to specifically find the lat/long for the locations in your data.



Genealogica Grafica is a fast and easy tool to use to create graphical genealogy pages.  If you haven’t used it before, try it and see if its page designs fill your particular online presentation needs.

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