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The State of Ohio is one of the famous ‘landing’ states where large groups of people moved during the westward expansion of the United States.  As such, records created in the state of extremely important to genealogists.

Some of my ancestors moved to Ohio from Pennsylvania.  They eventually settled in Warren County and is typical of people with a new found sense of mobility, some of the family remained in Warren County while others moved away in search of their own pot-of-gold.

What is a good way to find the records about them?  Using the information and links found about Ohio and its bodies politic on the FamilySearch Wiki of course.

My first stop was on the Ohio article that gave me an overview of the state and dozens of links to other wiki articles related to Ohio.



My first click was  on the Ohio Online Collections link.  The title was promising and subsequent article was pure Gold.  The links in the article would keep me busy for hours if not days.



Returning to the Ohio article, I clicked on the Warren County link and was rewarded with yet another treasure trove of information and links related to the county and genealogy research there.



Knowing that my ancestor was a Revolutionary War Veteran, the Biographies section caught my eye with the first link, Warren County, Ohio Revolutionary War Soldiers Who Lived and / or Died in Warren County.



Clicking on the link took me to the WorldCat site where the book was listed by full title along with the repositories where copies of it are located.




Noting the information about the book, I then scrolled down the page to look at the vital records information.



Although the vital records information available from the State of Ohio won’t help me find my direct ancestors because they don’t cover the years associated with their lives, they will help me find information about their descendants who remained in Ohio.

As you can see from the screen caps, I quickly found sites and records that pertained to my ancestors with just a few clicks on the resources listed on the Ohio articles.

The same experience is true for the other U.S. States and is increasingly so for countries and their political subdivisions all over the world. 

If you haven’t visited the wiki yet in your own ancestral quest do yourself a favor and do so at the start of your next research foray.

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