Soda Drinks in Vintage Days

If you’ve traveled the byways of the American Southwest, you’ve seen this old plastered store or one like it somewhere in your journeys.

I remember a similar one from one of the communities in southeast Utah near the Four Corners that used to be my favorite watering hole on my engineering trips in that area. 

It probably wasn’t this store, but the signs, plaster and age of the exposed wood were very close matches.   Do you remember Double Cola, Royal Crown and Orange Crush soda from the days of your youth?  I do.   The deposit on the bottles was 3 cents.  I’d usually save the empties in a box in the back of my truck and give them to the local kids hanging out in front of the store so they could trade them in for penny candy.  

Aahhhh..  An ice cold Dr. Pepper when the temperature was 114 F.  The cold, the fizz and the brief watering of my eyes from that first deep swallow were indelibly etched in my memory.


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