Westmoreland, Cumberland, Durham, Northumberland Illustrated

Searching for my lineage led me on a trail to northern England to the Featherstone westmoreland_cumberland_durham_northumberland_illustrateCastle in Northumberland near the border with Scotland.  Cousins from around the world visited the Featherstone Castle during on worldwide family reunion.

Remarking on the experience, those from other parts of the world were enthralled by the beauty of the area and of the number of castles that had once dotted the landscape in that area over the centuries.

Curious to know how many castles were once home to my direct ancestors, I spent some time proving those distant in time relationships and then sought out documents and books that accurately placed my ancestors in the structures.

I wasn’t interested in any claim to ‘fame’ but rather wanted to know more about their lives and of course, stone buildings were privy to many family and historical tales.

One of the books that was useful in identifying the old castles and buildings was  Westmoreland, Cumberland, Durham, and Northumberland Illustrated.   Fortunately for others following a similar research path, the book is online thanks to Google.

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