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I enjoyed a conversation recently with a Native American who is tracing her ancestry.  While a lot of it was committed to memory and handed down from generation to generation, written sources were more difficult to find.

I recommended looking for research aids on the FamilySearch Wiki and we were quickly rewarded with the wiki article, “American Indian Census Rolls”.  The first sentence in the wiki article starts with, “(Not to be confused with United States Census Indian Schedules.)

That was a new resource to me.  I hadn’t thought to look for a separate census, although it should have been obvious to me. 

Thanks to the wiki article and links in it to resources, my friend was able to source several generations of her lineage.





As we followed the link to the Internet Archives site, we were quickly rewarded with the census images themselves.



Success all the way around thanks to both FamilySearch and the Internet Archives sites.

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