The Descendants of John Howard

Long ago, I discovered that I am a an 8th great grandson of John Howard of Bridgewater,howard_genealogy Massachusetts. 

Several research mishaps occurred during my quest leading me to a branch of the family that wasn’t mine.   You know the feeling if you’ve been involved in genealogy research for any length of time …  two or three people in the same area with the same name and scanty information about them, but just enough clues and names to encourage a seemingly correct assumption until proven with yet to be discovered resources.

Off we go, claiming the lineage as ‘ours’ knowing that we just had to wait a few months or years to find the conclusive proof to bridge that slight factless generation in the family tree.

Sure enough, in most cases, our assumption matches the ass u me spelling we’ve laughed about since our youth.  The ‘bridge’ was a mirage and we actually drove into the crevasse and didn’t realize we had died until we remembered to check the facts again.  The bridge was illusion.  Our assumption had less supporting strength than a wisp of smoke.

We only have to pound on our thumb like this once or twice before we learn the lesson to never assume anything because it almost always results in a sink hole of lost time, money and effort.

Fortunately for me, I eventually found the book, The Descendants of John Howard by Heman Howard along with other reliable books and sources to prove my correct Howard lineage.  

Thanks to Google Books, The Descendants of John Howard is online for anyone to view at anytime.   You won’t have to make the trip to the library to browse through its pages like I did in years gone by.

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