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Decades of genealogy research experience and experimentation in ways to engage other cousins have repeatedly proven my early assumption that my own genealogy website would be the best vehicle to achieve that goal.

My first site was hand coded in html without any of the software tools available to us now.  It took forever go write the initial code and the subsequent update coding that showed newly discovered genealogical data.  

I often wondered if I was wasting time that would be better spent in research only to have cousins contact me to discuss our common lineages and prove the wisdom of creating a website.

There are many solutions available to you if you want to create your own site.  Just search for them.  I won’t list them in this post.

Many years ago, I spotted a genealogy site that immediately caught my attention due to the sheer beauty of its presentation and the large array of tools it included.  After a little searching, I discovered that the underlying engine was TNG  – The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding by Darrin Lythgoe.


Darrin had only been selling his software for a short while at the time of my fortunate encounter.  It was good then and excellent now. 

To use TNG, you’ll want a domain of your own and a file host.  Both are relatively inexpensive but have annual renewal prices.  Secure them, install TNG and tweak it to look like you want.  TNG comes complete with many templates that you can use or customize.  Export a GEDCOM file from your database and upload it and your data is online.  Add documents photos and spend a little time linking location s in your database to the Google maps feature and your site will be a star.

Let the search sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing know the address of your site and watch the traffic start to flow.  

If your data is well documented, you’ll soon receive contacts from extended cousins asking questions about your data, offering updates from their own research and willing to work in cousins research teams.

Good luck with your project and congratulations on your success.

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