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The Netherlands articles on the FamilySearch Wiki are already on their way to excellence.

The project to fully populate all of the articles related to The Netherlands is a huge project but it is already evident that the information they contain will be a boon to anyone researching records for family members who lived there.

The main page quickly show that the contributors deeply care about the information they are adding to the articles.







Because many of my ancestors lived in Leiden, I clicked on the Zuid-Holland  link to see the records and information about the province that houses the city.




A link to an external site for records about Leiden is on the Zuid-Holland page.




The number of links in Red or city names not shown as links tells us that the work for this province isn’t complete, but I’ve already been rewarded with research success thanks to the links that have been added.

If you too have ancestors who lived in The Netherlands, visit the wiki articles and see how much information and assistance already exists to help in your research.

If you have information to add thanks to your own research expertise or knowledge, take the opportunity to add it to the related wiki articles.  Pay back the time and efforts of others who like you and I have benefitted from the work and information others have invested in the wiki already.

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