Celtic Scotland: A History of Ancient Alban

My Scottish ancestry has always proven to be an interesting quest.  A few of myceltic_scotland ancestral lines are well documented because they hit royalty or at least the well documented lineages of Scottish leaders.  The rest of them have proven to be an “opportunity” in research. 

Records for common folks prior to the early 1600’s are far and few between, so while searching for the names of ancestors that are hard to find, I’ve opted to spend part of my research time discovering information about those whose names I have found.

Surname changes associated with clans has arisen numerous times.  More of them were maker of Spirits than were famers.  Some were involved and died in the many battles that raged across Scotland though out the centuries.  A few were wanted by the English because of their fierce opposition to English rule.  Fewer still escaped death by their hand.

One of the resources that has been helpful in filling in the background and societal information about their world are the books Celtic Scotland: A History of Ancient Alban by William Forbes Skene.

Thanks to Google Books, the volume I use most often is online.

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