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Sometimes we are lucky or actually fall into the old saying, “in the right place at the rightfanchart_custom_auto_and_sign time”.  Such was the case not long ago when I talked to Gary Green, owner of Custom Auto Décor & Sign in Orem, Utah

Gary and I have known each other for decades and while I knew his wife loved genealogy, I didn’t know that the bug had bitten Gary as well.  It seems that his new ‘hobby’ started the wheels turning in his mind resulting in a gift for his wife that turned out to be a hit among he siblings, friends and extended family.

Gary confirmed the ancestral records for both himself and his wife on FamilySearch and then used the Create Your Genealogy Fan Chart program to create a graphical file of their ancestry.  Although they had printed paper charts through TreeSeek before Gary wanted to do something a little different.

Owning a custom sign company is very enjoyable if you love working on something new every day.  Vehicle signage, banners, freestanding signs come in about every flavor but genealogy charts on vinyl?   Nah.  Who was crazy enough to do that?  It was something new and was exactly what Gary decided to do; print almost non-destructible genealogy fan charts on vinyl sign material for his wifeGenealogy Fan Chart.

She was delighted.  The signs were immediately attached to the kitchen door and other large surfaces in their home.  Now when they talk about their lineage with their children and young grandchildren, they don’t flinch when sticky fingers join in the pointing.  The charts are on vinyl.  They can be wiped clean.

When Gary told me about his simple yet wonderful idea, the story about genealogy charts on vinyl was spreading like wildfire amongst family and friends in his part of the world. 

I had to see one of these charts for myself to see what all of the fuss was about. 

I’ve had many large genealogy charts printed on paper.  I guard them like my wife guards her chocolate stash.  No one touches them but me.  Even with that restriction, they now show signs of wear, some permanent creases and wrinkles.  I’m really careful with them and keep them rolled up and stored in tubes for protection.  When I show them to our grandchildren, I cringe when little fingers start to point and explore all of the colored boxes. genealogy_fan_chart_custome_auto_decor

That issue was resolved when my chart on vinyl arrived from Gary’s shop.  When I unrolled it for the first time, my first expression literally was, “WOW”.  It looked great and the light yet super strong reinforced vinyl material felt like the magic paper of Galahad.

I love my vinyl chart.  Our grandchildren explored it in depth recently.  I didn’t flinch!  I was delighted in their interest about their lineage and with all of the pointing and touching when they wanted to know about this grandma and that grandpa.

I think that I’ll add a few grommets across the top and hang it on the wall so they can look at it and touch it whenever they visit.  It will probably function the same way when I show it to visiting friends.   I’ve had to watch their vacation movies over the years.  Hopefully the stories about my somewhat eclectic ancestors will result in a warmer, fuzzier memories than those that I have of their vacation images taken deep in the canyons of New York City.

I typically don’t write about a friend, let alone his business, but in this case, I’m doing so without him knowing I’m doing it.  The truth is that I’m actually writing this as a favor to you, my fellow genealogy addicts. 

You really need to have Gary print a pedigree or fan chart on vinyl. 

You’ll love it when it arrives and I’m confident that you’ll undoubtedly share it with young sticky fingers too.   The pricing is wonderfully reasonable and the service is at the top of the scale.  Just tell Gary that I sent you.  I don’t get anything out of it but he’ll get a kick out of hearing it and I’m sure he will treat you even better than his normal solid-gold service after hearing the words.

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