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We spend years collecting information about our ancestors and hope that ourpractical_bookbinding descendants will be interested in it after we pass.  The information we find is fascinating to us.  Surely it will be interesting to them?

Maybe they would be enticed to love it as much as we do if we created handmade books of ancestral stories, histories, pedigrees and yes, even our own story.

I know how much I cherish letters and old records books that were written by my ancestors.  Their value isn’t measured by a price assigned by an uninterested party but by the value I put on them as their descendant.

Would our descendants fell the same way about a book or books that we create by hand filled with our own work?   I think they would. 

But how do we bind a book filled with pages of our own creation?

Here are some ideas.  It is time to start creating now so your books are ready in time to give as gifts for Christmas.


How to bind a simple book


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