Old Copp’s Hill Burial Ground

During my first visit to the old Copp’s Hill Burial Ground in Boston, I had no idea thatcopps_hill some of my ancestors were buried there.

Tourists following the Freedom Trail walk by the cemetery daily knowing that they are walking in a historic location.  Few appreciate the stories that are attached to lives of the people buried in that small parcel of land.

Originally founded on 20 Feb 1659, the cemetery dates back to early colonial times.  The original boundaries were smaller than they are today.  Purchases of additional properties gradually expanded the property to its current size.

Most of the tombstones from the earliest burials have since fallen into disrepair and decay.  During the mid to late 1800’s the property had fallen in to serious disrepair but has since been protected and reestablished as an important historic site.

E. MacDonald published the book, “Old Copp’s Hill and Burial Ground with Historical Sketches in July, 1895.   Thanks to Google Books, we can read it online today.

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