Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony

Ipswich, Massachusetts was home to the ancestors of many Americans includingIpswich_bay_colony myself.  Finding information about their lives became a top priority when I started encountering brick walls on many ancestral lines.

A review of my ancestral information showed an impressive collection of names, dates and places, but who were the folks they names represented?

A large part of the joy of genealogical research was found when I took the time to research and write about the lives of the people in the ancestral reports.

Some of them were well known and their names and stories extend to us today, while others were just ordinary folks whose life stories weren’t recorded by others but nonetheless lived very important and eventful lives.

One of the books to help me understand the environment and even some of the facts about my Ipswich, Massachusetts ancestors was found in the book, “Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Vol. II” by The Reverend Thomas Franklin Waters.

Thanks to Google Books, it is online for anyone to enjoy any time of the day.

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