Scotland Research Using The FamilySearch Wiki

A large percentage of the people living in the western world have Scottish ancestry.  We hear stories of Scottish Clans, Battles, Tartans and Whiskey almost daily in stories and articles.   Do men actually wear kilts with nothing under them in ceremony and celebrations still today?  Did they wear them into battle in days gone by?  

Yes,indeed they did and do. Not exclusively of course but it makes us want to know more about them, their lives, their personal stories.

The FamilySearch Wiki can help us in that quest.  It doesn’t contain their names, but it is full of information and links to resources to help us find them.

Let’s look at samples of wiki articles involving Scotland.  Note the list of topics on the side of this page.  Each link takes us to in-depth articles about the topic.



We can also click the counties on the map to go directly to records associated with them.




The church records article gives us an understanding of the various church  records available to us with links to them.





The emigration and immigration article is replete with information to help in our quest.




The vital records article is similarly useful and noted in this small sample.




If you have Scottish ancestors too, visit the wiki and mine the wealth of information in its articles to help you be successful in your research.

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