Grandma’s Victory Garden

War came to the world in the late 1930’s and supplies of fresh foods were disrupted17 or diverted to the war effort.  

Victory Gardens were encouraged by the governments of Great Britain and the United States.  If families could grow a garden on a spare bit of land and wanted fresh produce and food storage for the months ahead, they needed a garden.

My grandparents were farmers, so the idea of a Victory Garden wasn’t something new to them.  They always had a garden to supply their food needs.  If you drove across urban America and England during that time an unusual site unfolded’ Victory Gardens were seen on in most tillable spaces all over town.

A Victory Garden was good advice then and it may even be better advice today.  If you don’t have the space, tools, seeds and know-how to grow a garden on a good day, you certainly won’t during times of extreme need. 

Create your own Victory Garden this year.  Enjoy the taste of fresh produce straight from your garden.












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