Gothic Stone Carving

Some of our ancestors lived or near castles, cathedrals and buildings carved from stone.gothic_stonecarving   Have you ever wondered about the designs and statues that denote their styles?

While researching one of my castle owning ancestral families recently, I studied photos of the remains of their castle in the current day.  Even though most of the intricate carvings had been destroyed by time and man, some still remained after hundreds of years.

Who carved them?  How long did it take?  How much did it cost?  Why did they choose those particular styles and designs?  The list of questions could go on and we could entertain the sacrifices made by others to pay for the monuments to my ancestors but rather, I’m interested in the mechanics and the designs today.

Lets read about them in the book, A Manual of Gothic Stone Carving by John Henry Parker.  Thanks to Google Books, we can all read the same book together.

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