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The FamilySearch wiki is full of  of research research resources for genealogists.  When we visit libraries and archives, we frequently don’t look for resources in them simply because we don’t know that they exist.

The same is true when we look for archives that may be of value in our quest.  In many cases, they aren’t well advertised outside the government or societal communities.

Fortunately, the FamilySearch Wiki is full of articles about these facilities and list the wealth of resources found in or through them.

Case in point.

The Ireland Archives and Libraries are a wonderful source of information for genealogists, yet most of us have little idea of the depth and breadth of their resources and related connections to other similar resources.



The wiki article tells us that not only does the National Archives of Ireland collect records for Ireland but so does the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.  It goes on to give us the mailing address for these facilities.




It goes on to point us to many other archives and resources including guides, to research including inventories, registers and catalogs.




If you are looking for ancestral families in Ireland, be sure to include the FamilySearch Wiki as one of the primary tools in your research quiver.  It is a free gift as valuable as gold to genealogy researchers.

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