RootsTech 2013 ~ A New Focus for FamilySearch

In his keynote presentation at RootsTech 2013, Dennis Brimhall, CEO of FamilySearchBrimhall_Dennis said that the focus of FamilySearch is changing to include stories to engage people in genealogy research.

He emphasized that focus by telling a story of his father who was part of a U.S. air crew who was shot down over Germany during World War II.

Brimhall noted that his father didn’t talk about that experience including his time in a Stalag war prison camp until Brimhall’s daughter, Angela,  interviewed him.  She captured his story and published a book for the family that details the adventures of her grandfathers war experiences.

Brimhall noted that the story and its photos moved his family to feeling connected to their grandfather and to all of their ancestral families.

“We are pretty good at recording the names, dates and places but we need to remember to add the stories about people.”  “They don’t exist until we do.”   “Forty percent of all humans alive now, have no record of their existence.”  “We need to capture their stories and those of our ancestors now.”

RootsTech 2013 highlighted the numerous tools and organizations that can help us record and present the stories of our ancestors.

The presentations that were streamed live are available for viewing on the RootsTech site.  Visitors can also go to the conference schedule, click on the presentation title and download the associated syllabi.

Brimhall closed by telling us that RootsTech was being streamed to 16 locations around the world this year.  If it works, next year it will be streamed worldwide to thousands of locations and the attendance will bloom to over 120,000 attendees.

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