Collecting Family Stories ~ Who and What We Are

Do you find certain traits in yourself and in family members that are unique amongpiper your personal communities?

It may be a proclivity to detail, making music, liking the taste of parsnips and even loving family history.

My friends often say they don’t like the sound of bag pipes, yet to me they are sweet music.  They must not have Scottish ancestry.  I laugh in our own family when our sons-in-law are split on the subject of bagpipes.  I’ve traced their lineages and know which of them have Scottish ancestry and which don’t.  The formula has stayed true in this small sample.  Those without Scots in their blood, don’t particularly care for pipe music while the opposite is true for the rest of us.  They sample continues to the ladies in our families and remains true in that sample as well.

Those of us who descend from Scottish ancestors love stories about Scotland and its people much more so than those in our family who are Scottish challenged.

All of us long to know who we are, where we come from and why we have certain proclivities in our genetic design.  It doesn’t matter what science, DNA reports or even our communal environment tell us because we feel the pull to our roots right to our very core.

Collecting and sharing the stories of our ancestry brings the family closer together and to a degree fills a large part of our longing to belong to that special ‘something’ as we nestle into the comfortable bosom of our ancestral community.

What are your ancestral stories?  How are you sharing them with your family?

Woven Generations–Clan McCloud
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