My Family History ~ By Lorena Florea

Seasoned genealogy research veterans always hope to pass their love of genealogy on to the next generation.  It is hard to engage the Digital Now generation in research involving old records, photos and musty old libraries.

Granted, genealogy research is changing with a wealth of information being added to the digital domain daily but even with those billions of online records, real researchers know that there is no way to avoid research in repositories and libraries if they hope to be successful in their genealogy quest.

When we see a young person like Lorena Florea post their genealogy online, we delight that the genealogy bug has infected one of her generation. 




Lorena has used not only her research skills but also her affinity for technology to create a wonderful presentation of her ancestry online using Prezi.

I’ll bet your parents and family are very proud of you Lorena.  Speaking for the genealogy community, we are proud of you too.   Congratulations on your research and excellent genealogy presentation.   We’ll be watching for you to be one of the genealogy leaders in the not too distant future.

To see the Prezi presentation in full screen, click on the Prezi icon once you’ve started the presentation. Then click on the square in the bottom right corner of the presentation. The square will become visible when you mouse over that area. Press ESC to return.

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