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I’m frequently asked what tools and methods I use to back up my genealogy datasyncback_logo and related files.  The answer isn’t simple because I use a variety of methods.

I sync to storage on the cloud, I sync to other off site storage.  I sync to my home servers and to other workstations in our home.

Absent the tool used for one of the cloud storage sites, I use the free SyncBack tool from 2BrightSparks for the remainder of the synchronizations.

Must folks don’t sync their data so broadly, so SyndBack may be a good solution for them too as they sync their files to an external drive or to a cloud drive that they have mapped as a local drive.

,SyncBack allows you to set schedules for synchronizations  you can run them manually.   I you need to restore from your backup host, it is as easy as syncing to it.

I backup terabytes of data using SyncBack and have never had a single burp with the tool.  Because it is synchronizing rather than uploading a full set of your files, syncing time is fairly short based on the amount of changes in your storage since the last time you ran the app.

I like the app.  It works and has worked for me for a long time.  Take a look at it and see if it fits your backup strategy. 

Note:  I have no interest in or from 2BrightSparks other than to say thanks to them for such a great tool.

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