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Genealogy researchers and history buffs should have a long list of bookmarks of articles in the FamilySearch Wiki.  The wiki is research gold on steroids.

Case in point:  Pennsylvania military records for the Civil War.

The wiki article opens a standard introduction giving us a brief history of the massive involvement of men in battle with the infusion of 360,000 of its native sons.




The article then flows into two menu bars with six links each that will take us to articles that detail each title on the menu.




It continues to flow into background information and links about records and resources, service records to pension files and even conscientious objectors.




Clicking the 1st-11th link on the military units menu, takes us to a wiki article full of links to information in as small of segments as 100 days service.




1st Battalion, 1864, 100 days.   What is covered by that link?




The background about these records is brief.  Nestled in one line are two nuggets.  — Links to the Soldiers and Sailors site and database.




One of the links even takes to the list of men who served for that period of 100 days.




The same process takes us through similar results for all branches of the Pennsylvania that served in the Civil War.




If you aren’t taking advantage of the gold on the FamilySearch Wiki yet, why not?

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