Find Ancestral Buildings Using GPS and Satellite Images

I spend a lot of time using maps and satellite images to find the old and often forgotten cemeteries where my ancestral families are buried.gps2

The ACME Mapper site has a been a long-term friend.  A quick click on the Topo button turns the satellite image into a topo map where tight zooming reveals hidden features that are lost in the high altitude images.

When you find the hidden bits of land associated with your ancestors, how do you record their location so you and those following your research can find them again?

I embed the lat / long coordinates in the associated database records and in the IPTC info of any images I take of them.

Spring has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere.  Plan a few weekend trips to track down the lost and hidden sites associated with your family this season.   You’ll have a lot of fun and you’ll enjoy standing where they once stood.

Using GPS and Satellite images to Find Old Buidlings and Hidden Locations
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