Harnessing Work Horses

Few of us are farmers today and even those of us who are farmers usually have tractors and plows to do the heavy work on the farm.ore_wagon

That certainly wasn’t the case in the not too distant past.  My father used a team of work horses to plow the fields on the farm.  My grandfathers all had teams that pulled their wagons and tilled their fields.

How did they harness the huge work horses that served them so well?  What special considerations had to be made when choosing and using the harnesses?

Every part of a harness had to be constructed for fit, wear and to avoid causing any harm to the bodies of the horses.

Brandt Ainsworth walks us through these factors and items that our ancestors knew so well in the choices they made to harness their own valuable farm work engines, that probably also answered to names like “Tad” and “Bess”.

Harnessing Work Horses
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