Ladies Fashion ~ San Francisco ~ April 1895

1800’s ladies fashion never has made sense to me.  When I look at photos of my ancestors that were taken during the last half of that century, my mind reels with the absurdity of the designs.

Yes, the fashion designs were either designed by or for men but where was the spunk in the ladies t tell both to pound sand?

The San Francisco Call featured this waste-of-cloth design.  The waist is so small a team of horses would have been required to synch the corset that tight.  The yardage in the sleeves topped by a lace bloom, (I won’t say collar given the fact that the front of the dress is missing, would have made a perfect sail for any clipper ship on a breezy day.

The only good thing I can see in the design is the volume of the skirt where it touches the floor.  I don’t say this thinking that it looks good, but at least the wearer of the dress wouldn’t have to sweep her floors after parading around in this travesty for an hour or two.  Her dress would have completed that task already.




Surely, my grandmothers never fell victim to this fashion trap?   Based on photos of them, I’m afraid that they did.  Fortunately, none of them forgot to wear the front of their dresses though.

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