Mary Good Bennett ~ Pension Application

My 4th great uncle, William Bennett, fought in the War of 1812.  For his services, he qualified for a pension.  As was the case for most of the servicemen from that war, he died before he could file his pension application.

His wife, Mary Good Bennett filed for the pension on 16 Jun 1856.  She died shortly thereafter on 7 Sep 1876.

Although Mary never received any benefits from the pension, her application gives us a wealth of genealogy information.

It states that although she was married to William Bennett on 11 Aug 1802 in Fairfield, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, and that her maiden name was Mary Goode, there was no public or private record of their marriages “as there were no license law requiring a certificate of marriage at the time.”

The application tells us that William died on 6 Jul 1837 in Montgomery County, Ohio and that Mary was 74 at the time the application was written.

It also tells us that William Bennett served as a private in the company commanded by Captain Irwin Horrell and marched from Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania in defense of Baltimore and Washington City.  William volunteered on or about the 14th day of November 1814 and continued in service for the term of fourteen days when he was honorably discharged.

Bennett Mary - War of 1812 Pension Application 1 of 2

Bennett Mary - War of 1812 Pension Application 2 of 2

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