How To Send A Comment To FamilySearch

With the new design of the pages on FamilySearch, many questions and suggestions have arisen in the minds of users.   How do I find this location now?   Why don’t things work the way they used to?   I have an idea that would make the new design more user friendly.

The photos, carousel and graphics are eye grabbing but weren’t designed to be navigation aids.  They are advertising.  To get to almost any location in FamilySearch takes at least two clicks.   Once we understand that, we can bookmark the address of the second click and avoid the advertisement pages from now on.

What if we want to send feedback to FamilySearch though?

It is easy.   Simply scroll to the bottom of the main FamilySearch page and click on the Feedback link.




The click takes you to the Send Us Feedback page with its two choices:  Report a problem and Share your ideas.




Be sure you are logged in before selecting either choice on this page.  FamilySearch needs to know who is contacting them.

If you choose Report a problem, you’ll be taken to the Contact FamilySearch page.




From there you’ll be able to talk to family search by call, by online chat or via a message.

If you choose Share your ideas instead, you’ll be taken to the FamilySearch Get Satisfaction site where you can leave a message with your ideas on about any subject.

Before you post your comment or idea, search for a similar discussion using the search field on the top right corner of the page.  You may not be the only person who has thought of the same idea or issue.   If someone else has started a comment string on the same subject, feel free to add you comments to it as well.

If your idea or comments cover a new topic, start them with a header that will be easily understood by others including the FamilySearch product managers who routinely patrol the Get Satisfaction pages.



It’s just that easy.  You probably won’t received a response call or email from a comment left on Get Satisfaction but the product managers may leave a response on your discussion string.    Check back often to see if they have left a message or if others have posted on your comment string.

That’s all there is to it.  Use the system.  It works and FamilySearch wants to hear from you.

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