Trial of Samuel M. Andrews for the Murder of Cornelius Holmes of Kingston, Massachusetts

Recently a cousin alerted me to the existence of the book, “Report of the Trial ofandrews_samuel_trial Samuel M. Andrews, indicted for the Murder of Cornelius Holmes, before the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, December 11, 1868 including the Rulings of the Court upon many questions of law, and a full statement of authorities upon the subject of transitory insanity by Charles G. Davis, of counsel for the prisoner.”

We have been working our joint lineage in Plymouth County finding that the usual rule of them still holds true; I your ancestors lived in Plymouth County for multiple centuries, you are related to almost every descendant of those early families one way or another.

The book immediately opens with the statement that Samuel killed Cornelius with a rock striking him on the back of the head with a mortal wound of three inches in length and one inch in depth with malice aforethought on 26 May 1868 in Kingston, Massachusetts.

Cornelius was the son of Joseph and Lucy (Holmes) Holmes. 

Samuel M. Andrews was convicted of manslaughter in the death of Cornelius Holmes and was sentenced to twenty years in prison.  He was committed to the State prison in Charlestown, Massachusetts on 12 Dec 1868.

The initial testimony of Samuel Andrews is found in an article in the New York Times on 18 Jun 1868.

Read the full account of the murder and trial in the abovementioned book courtesy Google Books:

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