Signers of the Mayflower Compact

A significant percentage of my ancestors were passengers on the ship, Mayllowermayflower_compact and as such their lives and descendencies have been capture and recorded to a higher degree than most of the lives and families of other ancestors living in a contemporary era of history.

One of the many books I’ve used to document their lives is “Signers of the Mayflower Compact” by Annie Arnoux Haxtun.

The pages are full of basic information of the wonderful folks who little dreamed that their adventure of moving to a new continent and their signatures on a small document would cause their lives to be immortalized to a large degree.

Some of them undoubted understood that the odds of survival were stacked against them.  The remainder no doubt heard the concept but like any of us who enter a battlefield in war, health or even employment grasp the concept in actuality.

Like me many, many of you fair readers, enjoy ancestral lines that trace to the passengers of that little ship.

Thanks to Google Books, you and I can read about them and their involvement in one of the greatest adventures in American history.

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