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Virginia was a major gateway to immigrants in to America.  Starting in the early 1700’s large numbers of immigrants flocked to Virginia from the homelands.  England, Africa, Scotland, France, Germany and Ireland produced the majority of these early settlers. 

My own Virginia ancestors were born in Scotland and like most people new to a new land largely grouped together with others who spoke the same language and had the same or similar cultural histories.

The FamilySearch Wiki article: “Virginia Emigration and Immigration” is especially useful to folks who, like me have ancestors who first touched soil in that fair land.




There were more ports of arrival than most folks know about as seen in this map.




The  wiki article covers resources and links in detail that will aid researchers as they seek out their ancestors.  I won’t list that huge compilation here, rather saving it as gift to be opened and enjoyed while your eyes are big and your mouth is open in surprise and wonder.

I have lost days and probably weeks in hours delving through the sources in the article in my own ancestral quest.   No doubt, you’ll be similarly rewarded.

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