Vital Records of Salisbury, Massachusetts

Like most folks with ancestors in Massachusetts, some of my ancestors lived in Salisburysalisbury_vital_records and Amesbury.  If you’ve ever taken a few days to find and explore all of the cemeteries in those cities, you have an appreciation for the number of people who have lived there throughout the centuries.

The book, Vital Records of Salisbury, Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849 has long been one of my close friends.  Along with its sister books from across Massachusetts, it holds a prominent place on the shelves of my office library.

The covers are gold or tan or whatever shade and patina they’ve achieved over the years of use and sometimes abuse by many hands that touched them before me.

As time goes on, I open them less because I’ve almost captured all of the source materials I need to prove my Massachusetts lineage.  That is a broad statement that is often proved wrong, because each new week invariably brings a new generation or branch of the family front and center to my attention and my hand shoots out for the corresponding vital records book.

Thanks to Google Books, everyone has a library larger than mine and the same books are available with just a few keystrokes.

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