Mourt’s Relation

The book Mourt’s Relation details the events from the landing of the Pilgrims in Cape Codmourts_relation through the exploration of the surrounding area up through their interaction with the Indians and the First Thanksgiving.  It was written by Edward Winslow, although William Bradford was the author of the first section.  It was first published in 1622 in London by George Morton which accounts for the name “Mourt’s Relation”.

It is too lengthy to include in a single post and is presented in a series of six sections.

Section 1: begins with the Mayflower sighting land and ends with the peace agreement with Massasoit in 1621.

Section 2:: continues with further interaction with Massasoit with Edward Winslow and Stephen Hopkins as they worked to the peace between the new settlers and the original settlers.

Section 3: covers the Pilgrim expedition to visit the Nausets that had attacked them when they were exploring Cape Cod.

Section 4: covers another expedition this time against Corbitant who had initiated an alliance with other tribes to overthrow the Pilgrims.

Section 5: details the first visit to the Massachusets Indians.

Section 6: includes a letter written by Edward Winslow that describes the success of the Plymouth Colony.  The only detailed account of the First Thanksgiving included along with his recommendations of what later migrants should bring with them when they move to America.

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