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FamilySearch Wiki users will note the appearance of info boxes in numerous wiki articles.  They are customized to enhance the power of the wiki in finding information about your ancestors. 

Let’s look at  few examples:

Denmark Taxation article

The info box in this article notes that you can use Taxation records to find, Birth, Marriage and Death information.




Denmark Probate Records

It is similarly applicable when searching Probate records.




If you are using the wiki to help you find records and research assistance for Denmark, the infoboxes are liberally scattered throughout the articles.   Click on the links in the boxes to go to the excellent related articles that will both increase your research skills and knowledge.

The concept behind the infoboxes is research and education genius. If users will take the time to follow the links and read the articles associated with the boxes, they come away with not only links to the records they need and also an excellent research training course with personalized homework.

We learn by doing.  Following the info and training trail results in a trained researcher with success under their belt right from the start.

Watch for the infoboxes as they spread across the wiki in the future.

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