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The articles in the FamilySearch Wiki are written by both wiki users and experts associated with FamilySearch.  It is not a respector of persons but rather a venue for all of us to share our research knowledge to benefit the entire genealogy community.

Like any viable organization or project, there are rules and policies that contributors must follow in order to maintain the high standards of the information in the articles but everyone lives with the same rules and the same encouragement to participate.

At any given time, various teams form to work on specific projects ranging from populating Help Wanted articles to experimenting with new templates and page designs.

Let’s look at one example:  The Utah Experimental County article.




Do Info Maps and Source Repository infoboxes enhance or detract from an article?


experimental_county_map experimental_county_facts


The team and community liked them and so we see them spreading in use across the wiki.

Would wiki users like an info box that though brief words and spot-on links help them find information about their family in a specific county or shire?  The Helpful Facts info box was created and tested with that focus.




Wiki Community users instantly responded with positive comments about the boxes.  They too are quickly spreading in location specific  relevant articles on the wiki.

Would a neighboring county or country map be as useful to wiki users as team members thought?   Absolutely.   User comments from testing phase confirmed that concept in short order.




Keep your eyes open for new features and tools on the wiki.  They all come from great ideas by users and subsequent usability testing.

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