Handbook of Burial Hill ~ Plymouth, Massachusetts

Frank H. Perkins book, Handbook of Old Burial Hill, Plymouth, Massachusetts hashandbook_burial_hill long had an honored spot in my library. 

Published by A. S. Burbank of the Pilgrim Bookstore in Plymouth, Massachusetts, the book give its readers an overview of the history of the cemetery, examples of tombstone designs and a a modest section of tombstone inscriptions.

While modest in length, you’ll enjoy reading it if your ancestors lived in Plymouth or if you have an interest in history.

I enjoy the list of other publications advertised in the rear of the book.  Similar in concept to the handbook, they were created mostly for tourists who were visiting the area.  They typically contain a brief overview of the topic detailed in their titles.

Thanks to Google Books, we can read the Handbook online at anytime of the day.

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