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My friend Nathan Murphy of FamilySearch recently alerted me to a terrific series ofrevere_monument articles on the FamilySearch Wiki about genealogy research in Boston, Massachusetts and the surrounding cities and towns.   Nathan’s blog post about the genealogy guides gives us a good overview of the area and the guides.

Let’s look at a few of the wiki articles mentioned in his article.

 Boston Massachusetts Genealogy

This is one of my favorite articles out of the 72,000+ articles on the FamilySearch Wiki.  If you have ancestral families in that area, you’ll find your mouth dropping open when you see the wealth of research knowledge, links and tips in the article.

We start with an introduction to the area and its history





The article then flows into the historical data section with its Border Changes, Historical Evens and Town Histories sections.







The article continues at length covering most if not all of the topics and items of interest to genealogy researchers.   The list is long, replete with more fingertip facts, links and helps than I’ve ever seen in any single article before. 

If you are like me, you’ve created ‘cheat sheets’ about topics or locations that you use constantly in your genealogy research.   The Boston Massachusetts genealogy article just became my ‘cheat sheet’ for Boston and the surrounding communities.  It is far more complete than anything I would have written myself.   It’s gold … genealogy gold.

I’m going to talk about the other FamilySearch Wiki articles mentioned in Nathan’s blog post in future posts of my own.  Like the Boston article, they too contain a wealth of genealogy information and links. 

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