Repairing Broken Tombstones

Cemetery workers and vandals were hard on many old tombstones in thecemetery_tombstones cemeteries I visited on Memorial Day.  Broken halves and large chunks of markers lay adjacent to the base of tombstones with too get a frequency.

Across the way, I saw a man kneeling by a stone lifting the broken half up and down as though he was trying to will it back together.  The closer I got, the more I could see that that was exactly what he was doing, but the force of his will was an epoxy glue made just for the purpose.

I’ve always been fascinated how repairs to broken sandstone tombstones have any chance of survival.  Even some of the creations in my home woodshop fail over time when the glue joints fail after years of exposure.

A YouTube video shows the repair process and if the epoxy used in it is as good as that used on tombstones that were repaired years ago in a local cemetery, the glue joint will probably out survive the marker itself..


Tombstone Repair and Restoration
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