Doty–Doten Family in America

A day rarely goes by when I fail to meet another descendant of one of theDoty_Doten_Family_in_America passengers on the Mayflower.  Something as seemingly simple as having been on the same ship at the same time makes the ‘familial’ feeling a strange response for people with no other societal associations.

Of course, the fact that passage on the same ship at the same time is only the subject of the story.  The depth of the story is the choices, stresses and lives lived before and after the voyage.

Their DNA recorded their lives.  Its stories erupt unbidden when disparate descendants encounter each other in person or in the digital realm.  We recognize our shared lineal memories as they function as attractors – cousin to cousin.

Like all the other Mayflower descendants, the family of Edward Doty, are similar affected when they encounter each other in life.

Are you a Doty – Doten descendant?  The book “Doty-Doten Family in America” by Ethan Allen Doty will help you determine the truth.

Thanks to Google Books, it is online for all of us to enjoy at any time.


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