The Bench by His Grave

A brief stop in a cemetery revealed an unexpected scene of love on display for the almost exclusive witness of robins and quail.




I wouldn’t have noticed her sitting quietly in the shadow of the trees and surrounding flowering growth but the turn of her dandelion-in-bloom like white hair caught my eye.  It was obvious that the diminutive lady was in conversation with someone.  It just wasn’t someone others could see.

I delayed walking to the tombstone I’d traveled to see lest I interrupt her privacy.  After fifteen or twenty minutes, she smiled, threw a kiss and slowly made her way down the stairs to her car.

After obtaining the photos a few headstones that brought me to the cemetery, I walked over to ‘her’ bench to see if the name of the unseen person was evident in the scene.

Indeed it was.  There was little doubt that the marker listed the name of not only her deceased husband but also of a son and a daughter.  The only missing bit of information on the stone was her death date.

Her family had left mortality several decades earlier.  I wonder how many visits she’d made to their graves over the years?  What plans had she made for their future as she sat and talked to them?  How many stories had she shared of events in her life and in the lives of their family and friends?

One thing was obvious.  She was at peace with her situation but the chuckle and wave I observed just before she left told me that she was looking forward to being with them again in a future day.

How many scenes like this repeat themselves in the same cemetery every week and month?  How many occur in other cemeteries and similar locations around the world with the same frequency?

Love stories, passion and pain float from their minds and mouths constantly but few of us know their stories let alone have the right to be privy to them but they would undoubtedly translate well to Lifetime and Hallmark movies and maybe much, much more.

When you next visit your own families and friends in their resting place, watch for similar scenes.  Be respectful, warm and friendly if the atmosphere allows but remember, the conversations are private between loved ones and friends.  Sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll be invited to join in conversation with wonderful people who invite you into the tender flow of love, smiles and sharing of lives.  Cherish those experiences.  They affirm our reasons for love and life.

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