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As a long time user of the FamilySearch Wiki, I’ve learned to turn to it first when I begin any genealogy research search.  The information in its articles almost always provides me with information and links that are topical and would have taken hours to find by myself.

This week, I have used the Doniphan County, Kansas wiki article repeatedly both in my own research and to help another researcher.




The names of Extinct Communities proved useful to the other researcher.  The link  that provides more information about them got him off on the right foot and he was eventually successful in finding his ancestor.




The information about probate records saved him hours of time.




I was enthralled with the links to Local Histories.




The FamilySearch wiki is the first bookmark in my Genealogy folder on my browser toolbar.  It earned that position long ago.  If the path of my mouse movement was tracked over a long period of time, the short up click and subsequent click on the bookmark folder and wiki link would show as a wide line.

If you haven’t tried the wiki to had in your own ancestral quest, give it a try.  You’ll be happy that you did.

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