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I sync my genealogy data with FamilySearch for a variety of reasons including the knowledge that a copy will be retained by a system that literally includes storage inside a granite mountain.

Recent changes at FamilySearch have seen the closure of new FamilySearch and the introduction of Family Tree.  Genealogists have enjoyed the ability to upload and download information from our local databases directly to the FamilySearch database thanks to the work of both FamilySearch and the developers of most popular genealogy programs. 

The applications are able to talk to the FamilySearch database thanks to an API (Application Programming Interface) that establishes a safe method of communication between your computer and FamilySearch. 

Knowing that applications have to be certified to talk to the FamilySearch database, I’ve paid attention to which genealogy applications can talk to them and what items they can touch or change.

The intent of Family Tree is to create one database for the human family that is correct and has the supporting documentation to support its accuracy.  With that knowledge in mind, we look at the genealogy applications asking can you share all of my hard-won data with the FamilySearch database? 

Not all applications are equal in what they can and can’t change on Family Tree at present.  I’m sure that eventually they will all have the internal programming in place and FamilySearch certifications that will put them on the same level of interactivity with the FamilySearch database.  For now, we need to understand what the levels of software certification for FamilySearch / Family Tree.

The FamilySearch Products webpage gives us that information.  It will help you understand the levels of interface available between your favorite genealogy application and FamilySearch.   Below is a screen capture of the discussion about the certifications.


FamilySearch certification levels


Pay close attention to the bottom item on the list, Tree Share+.  You’ll want to make sure that your favorite genealogy software either has or will soon have that level of certification if you want to share your data, sources and watch record changes on FamilySearch through the application itself.

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