Families in the Great Depression

There are stories about the Great Depression in the families of all Americans whose ancestors lived through that time.

Photos of families of that day bring home its realities.  In the photo below we see remembrances similar to the stories I’ve heard from my own parents.  Cardboard lining the walls of a shack that housed the whole family.  Wall decorations comprised of product advertisements that had a photo on them.  Best dress clothing that included holes in the knees, dresses that had been handed down and down and down.  Mom struggling to keep her family fed and safe.  Dad, gut-shot by his inability to adequately support his family through no fault of his own.  Gaunt faces that reflect the sparsity of a satisfying meal from in the family abode. 

In many cases, these are the lucky ones.  They had a shack and were together.  Many families were not that fortunate.




Here’s to hoping we are grateful for what we have.  It could be easily lost in the world today.

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